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This Tremendous Stone Sphinx (a Mythological Creature With the Body of a Lion and the Head of a Human) Which Serves a a Memorial to Those Who Died in the American Civil War Can Be Found at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA

A Bronze Eagle Mounted on Top of a Stone and Concrete Monument (Dedicated to the Veterans of WWI, WWII, and the Korean War) Found on the Edge of the Town Common at the Start of Central Street in Brookfield, MA

Eagle civil war monument Whitinsville.JPG
A Majestic Bronze Eagle, With Its Wings Spread, Lands Upon the Granite Sphere Atop the Northbridge Civil War Monument on the Town Common in Whitinsville, MA

A Newly Restored Bronze Angel Triumphantly Returns to Her Spot on Top of the Soldiers’ Monument on the Worcester Common After Recently Being Removed for Repairs

World war memorial angel
A Granite Angel Carved in Bas-Relief on the Right Side of the Worcester World War Memorial (Also Known to Locals as “The Whispering Wall” Because of Its Reportedly Unusual Acoustical Properties)

World war memorial Warrior.JPG
An Ancient Warrior Flying Into Battle With Sword and Shield (Perhaps a Depiction of Ares the Greek God of War) Sculpted in Bas-Relief on the Left Side of the Worcester World War Memorial at Lincoln Square in Worcester, Massachusetts

Korean War Memorial ATwo Bronze Statues of an American Soldier and a Young Korean Boy Stand Side by Side as Part of the Worcester County Korean War Memorial Located on Foster Street in Worcester, MA