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Green Man Naked Bohemian N Conway NH.JPG
A Green Man Brass Door Knocker Hangs on the Wall Available For Purchase at the Naked Bohemian Gift Shop on White Mountain Highway in North Conway, NH


This Grimacing Visage Is One of the Many Fantastic Faces and Figures Found on the Exterior of the Boston Opera House on Washington Street in Boston, MA

Greenmen Whitinsville.JPG
Green Men (Faces Formed From or Surrounded by Foliage) Displayed on a Pedestal in Front of a House on Linwood Avenue in Whitinsville, MA

Bancroft Gargoyle 2e.JPG
An Ominous Horned Visage Watches Unwary Passersby on Portland Street Below From High on the Bancroft Commons Apartment Building in Worcester, MA

Green Man Woodland Street.JPG
The Frowning Face of a Green Man Attached to the Front Door of a House on Woodland Street in Worcester, MA

Commonwealth  Greenman.JPG
The Face of a Wolf-Like Green Man Spotted on a Brownstone on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts

Face on Urn.jpg
A Human Face Hidden on a Handle of a Plaster Urn Found in an Alley off South Main Street in Worcester, MA