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Various Ornately Decorated Drinking Goblets Including Ones Featuring Tiny Skulls, the Face of a Green Man, and the Head of a Zombie Available for Purchase on the Eastern States Exposition Grounds During the Big E Last September in West Springfield, MA


A Cast Iron Green Man Door Knocker Hanging on the Metal Gate in Front of Herb Mackey’s Metal Sculpture Yard on Derby Street in Salem, MA

A Wooden Carving of a Face Surrounded by Flowers and Foliage Found Hanging on the Wall at the Yak Arts International Gallery in Orleans, MA

The Face of a Green Man With Hair and Eyebrows Consisting of Leaves Carved Into a Large Hunk of Driftwood Found on the Grounds of Yak Arts International Gallery in Orleans, MA

A Pair of Gnarled Faces (Along With a Cluster of Leaves) Carved Into a Single Piece of Weathered Wood Found Hanging on the Exterior of the Yak Arts International Gallery in Orleans, MA

A Bearded Face Stares Out From the Marble Facade of an Office Building on Boylston Street in Boston, MA

The Visage of a Monstrous Green Man (a Face Consisting of or Surrounded by Foliage) Juts Out From the Facade of the Burnside Building Located on Main Street in Worcester, MA