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Headless Horseman (2).JPG
The Headless Horseman Seen Riding His Demonic Steed Across an Open Field on Fabyan Road in Dudley, MA


A Weather-Worn Donald Duck Figurine Found on the Base of a Moss-Covered Gravestone at North Woodstock Cemetery in North Woodstock, CT

Female Angel St John
A Figurine of an Angel Dressed in White With a Striking Resemblance to Wonder Woman Left at a Grave Site at St. John Cemetery in Plainfield, CT

A Trio of Inflatable Minions Attempt to Decorate a Christmas Tree on the Front Lawn of a House on Sever Street in Worcester, MA

The Menacing Alien Creature From the Movie “Alien” Sculpted From Scrap Pieces of Metal Seen at This Year’s North Quabbin Garlic Festival in Orange, MA

An Inflatable Vampiric Mickey Mouse Stalks the Front Lawn of a House on Rupert Street in Worcester, MA

A Bust of the Boris Karloff’s Version of Frankenstein’s Monster Featured in the Storefront Window of Frankenstein’s Castle Located on Derby Street in Salem, MA