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Winnie the Pooh Quincy Street (2)
Winnie the Pooh Wearing a Santa Cap and Holding a Lantern Wishes Passersby a Merry Christmas From a Front Lawn on Quincy Street in Worcester, MA

Snow White 2 Oak Ridge Cemetery Southbridge MA (2)
The Walt Disney Version of Snow White Seen Holding a Possibly Poisoned Apple in Her Right Hand at Oak Ridge Cemetery, Southbridge, MA

Minnie Mouse Spotted Hugging a Friendly Frog in Front of a Gravestone at Douglas Center Cemetery in Douglas, MA

Cryptkeeper 2 Turners Falls.JPG
The Ghoulish Cryptkeeper Examines the Pages of a Picture Book About “Tales of the Crypt” Comics by Candlelight in the Storefront Window of the Black Cow Burger Bar on Avenue A in Turners Falls, MA

Headless Horseman (2).JPG
The Headless Horseman Seen Riding His Demonic Steed Across an Open Field on Fabyan Road in Dudley, MA

A Weather-Worn Donald Duck Figurine Found on the Base of a Moss-Covered Gravestone at North Woodstock Cemetery in North Woodstock, CT

Female Angel St John
A Figurine of an Angel Dressed in White With a Striking Resemblance to Wonder Woman Left at a Grave Site at St. John Cemetery in Plainfield, CT