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A Long-Necked Gargoyle Flanked by a Pair of Winged Cherubs on the Facade of Trinity Church At Copley Square in Boston, MA


One of the Many Gargoyles and Grotesques That Decorate the Exterior of the Burrage House in Boston Opens His Mouth Wide to Expose Four Fangs and a Tongue

This Silver Statue of a Unicorn on Top of the Massachusetts State Building at the Eastern State Exposition Grounds Is a Replica of the Original One Found Atop of the Old State House in Boston

A Creepy Cat-Like Grotesque Caught Creeping up the Exterior of the Burrage House in Boston, MA

A Weathered (and Rather Creepy) Marble Face Mounted High Above the Entrance of the Emerson College Print & Copy Center Located in the Colonial Building at 98A Boylston Street in Boston, MA

A Winged Gargoyle Holds an Unfurled Banner Between Its Outstretched Talons on Top of the Burrage House on Commonwealth Avenue vin Boston, Massachusetts

The Mask of Tragedy Peers Down From the Ediface of the Cutler Majestic Theatre on Tremont Street in Boston, MA