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A Winged Gargoyle With the Head of a Cat and the Feet of a Fowl Seen Balancing on a Small Ledge on the Exterior of the Burrage House in Boston, MA


A Stylized Lion Head Carved From Granite Seen Protruding From an Unidentified Building on Harrison Avenue in Boston, MA

A Shallow Relief Sculpture of a Winged Lion (Symbolizing Saint Mark) Found on the Facade of Trinity Church at Copley Square in Boston, MA

A Stone Sculpture of an Angel Holding a Shield to His Chest (on Which a Sword and a Giant Key Cross Each Other to Form an X) Seen High on the Exterior of the Rectory of the Cathedral of Saint Paul on Chatham Street in Worcester, MA

The Golden Head of a Lion Glares Down From the Facade of the Emerson Colonial Theatre on Boylston Street in Boston, MA

The Mask of Drama Found on the Facade of the Cutler Majestic Theatre on Tremont Street in Boston, MA

A Gold Gilded Statue of a Lion Wearing an Imperial Crown ( a Replica of One Found on the Old Massachusetts State House in Boston) Seen on Top of the Massachusetts State Building at the Eastern State Exposition Grounds in West Springfield, MA