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Angel Elmvale Cemetery (2)
A Child-Like Angel Bows Her Head and Prays Next to a Grave at Elmvale Cemetery in East Woodstock, CT


A Cute Little Cherub Takes a Nap Next to a Coleus Plant While a Small Bird Seeks Shelter Beneath His Wings at North Cemetery in Oxford, MA

An Angel Clasps Her Hands in Prayer While Standing in a Garden Found Within St. Joseph Children’s Cemetery in Webster, MA

Angel Pine Grove Spencer MA
A Child-Like Angel Communes With a Dove Which Has Alighted on Her Left Arm While Holding the Holy Bible in Her right Hand at Pine Grove Cemetery in Spencer, MA

Golden Angel Mt Vernon WB (2)
A Golden Angel Plays a Celestial Harp While an Enthralled Cherub Looks on at Mount Vernon Cemetery in West Boylston, MA

A Weary Angel Rests Her Cheek on the Back of Her Folded Hands at North Cemetery in Oxford, MA

cherub and deathhead granary.JPG
Although It Is Rather Rare to Find Both Motifs Carved on the Same Gravestone, Here Is a Close-Up of One From the Late 17th Century Featuring Cherubs and a Winged Death Head at Granary Burying Ground Located on Tremont Street in Boston, MA