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An Adorable Little Angel Hugs a Lamp Post at Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, MA

A Water-Bearing Angel Empties Her Urn Next to a Grave at Brookfield Cemetery in Brookfield, MA

An Owl and an Angel Clutching a Rose Stand Vigil in Front of a Gravestone at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA

An Elegant Angel With a Missing Arm Plays the Violin at Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, MA

Angels with Musical Instruments Park Lawn A
A Quartet of Angels, Each Holding a Different Musical Instrument, Stand Back to Back at Park Lawn Cemetery in Bennington, VT

baby angel oak ridge 3
A Baby Angel Balances a Rose Blossom on a Pillow Upon His Knees as He Reclines on a Flat Grave Marker at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Southbridge, MA

Soul Effigy Woodstock Hill Burial Ground.JPG
A Winged Soul Effigy Seen on an 18th Century Gravestone at Woodstock Hill Burial Ground in Woodstock, CT