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Buddha Head Crompton Collectve A
A Buddha Head Carved From Stone Available For Purchase at the Crompton Collective in Worcester, MA


A Curious Brass Owl Peeks Out Between Two Old Volumes on Display in a Glass Case at the Main Branch of the Worcester Public Library on Salem Street in Worcester, MA

infant jesuses-wam
From a Recent Exhibition at the Worcester Art Museum of Spanish and Portuguese Colonial Religious Art From 17th & 18th Century South America Entitled “Highest Heaven”, a Couple of Nude Infant Jesuses Carved From Ivory on Display (Note the Inexplicable Sight of the Infant Jesus on the Left Resting His Right Hand on What Appears to Be the Skull of a Human Baby on a Pedestal!)

One of a Pair of Imperial Guardian Lions (Both Apparently Male as Indicated by the Traditional Sphere Under Each of Their Left Paws) Standing Sentry on Either Side of a Set of Stairs Leading up to the Front Door of a Private Home on Longfellow Road in Worcester, MA

A Little Girl Wearing Pigtails Pokes Her Upper Torso Through a Rubber Tire While Holding Her Pet Kitten in Her Lap at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA

A Pensive Gargoyle Contemplates Being Sold at the Crompton Collective in Worcester, MA

Foo Dog Mononack
One of a Traditional Pair of Imperial Guardian Lions (Also Known as Foo Dogs) That Flank the Front Steps of a House on Monadnock Street in Worcester, MA