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A Stag Spotted Standing in a Backyard Garden off Park Avenue i Worcester, MA


The Extremely Surreal Sight of What Appears to Be a Buck Clutching an Oversized Acorn Between His Two Front Hooves as He Materializes From Out of a Massive Oak on Pleasant Street in Spencer, MA

Fox Grave Hillside Auburn.JPG
A Trio of Foxes Visit the Grave of a Namesake at Hillside Cemetery in Auburn, MA

photostudio_1450980091198Santa in His Sleigh Pulled by Reindeer Touches Down in the Middle of a Front Lawn on Mason Street in Worcester, MA

Deer Main Street Oxford MA A
A Stag, With a Taped Antler, Suspiciously Eyes Passersby From an Overgrown Front Yard Garden on Main Street in Oxford, MA

Inflatable reindeer A
A Giant Illuminated Inflatable Reindeer Entices Passersby to Stop at Ernest’s Discount Christmas Trees at the Corner of Park Avenue and Maywood Streets in Worcester, MA

ST Francis Buck Hill Road AA
Saint Francis of Assisi Tends to a Fawn, a Squirrel, and a Bunny on the Front Lawn of a Home on Birch Hill Road in Holden, MA