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fawn and doe spencer
A Mother Doe Nuzzles Her Fawn in the Store Front Window of Mystyc’s Majickal Shoppe on Main Street in Spencer, MA


A Stag Spotted Standing in a Backyard Garden off Park Avenue i Worcester, MA

The Extremely Surreal Sight of What Appears to Be a Buck Clutching an Oversized Acorn Between His Two Front Hooves as He Materializes From Out of a Massive Oak on Pleasant Street in Spencer, MA

Fox Grave Hillside Auburn.JPG
A Trio of Foxes Visit the Grave of a Namesake at Hillside Cemetery in Auburn, MA

photostudio_1450980091198Santa in His Sleigh Pulled by Reindeer Touches Down in the Middle of a Front Lawn on Mason Street in Worcester, MA

Deer Main Street Oxford MA A
A Stag, With a Taped Antler, Suspiciously Eyes Passersby From an Overgrown Front Yard Garden on Main Street in Oxford, MA

Inflatable reindeer A
A Giant Illuminated Inflatable Reindeer Entices Passersby to Stop at Ernest’s Discount Christmas Trees at the Corner of Park Avenue and Maywood Streets in Worcester, MA