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A Painted and Waxed Plaster Bust of an Old Vermont Farmer Sculpted by Simon Moselsio on Display at the Bennington Museum in Bennington, VT

One of Two Nearly Identical Dalmatian Dog Statues That Stand Sentry Near the Front Entrance of the Bennington Museum on Main Street in Bennington, VT

A Sandstone Relief From the First Century A.D. on Display at the Worcester Art Museum Depicting Prince Arikankharer of the Ancient Kingdom of Kush (Located in What Is Now Present-Day Sudan) Slaying His Enemies With the Assistance of a Winged Goddess and a Viscious Dog

This Incredibly Bizarre Bronze Sculpture by Clyde DuVernet Hunt Entitled “The American Spirit” (Depicting the Inexplicable Gathering of Abraham Lincoln, a Kneeling Topless Woman, and a Naked Young Boy) Was Originally Exhibited at the 1939 New York World’s Fair Before Finding a Permanent Home at the Courtyard of the Bennington Museum on Main Street in Bennington, Vermont

Chess Knights WAM A.JPG
A Pair of Giant Black Knight Chess Pieces (in the Form of Abstract Horse Heads) Stand on the Sidelines After Being Captured in a Game of Oversize Chess Played in the Courtyard of the Worcester Art Museum

Egyptian A
An Ancient Egyptian Limestone Statue of Hapidefai (Whose Position or Significance in History Is Apparently Unknown) on Display at the Worcester Art Museum

A Knight in Shining Armor Peers Down From the Roof of the Former Higgins Armory Museum (Which Permanently Closed Its Doors at the End of 2013) on Barber Avenue in Worcester, MA