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A Photo of a Bronze Bust of President Abraham Lincoln Taken by My Cousin Dwayne Szlosek at the Virginia Museum of the Civil War in New Market, VA


A Carved Wooden Icon of Saint Nikolai of Mozhaisk (a Russian Variation of Saint Nicholas), With a Brass Sword and a Silver Halo Studded with Gemstones, Seen Hanging on the Wall at the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA

An Extremely Toothy Dragon’s Head Displayed on the Wall as Part of the “Fantastic Beasts in Iconography” Exhibit at the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA

infant jesuses-wam
From a Recent Exhibition at the Worcester Art Museum of Spanish and Portuguese Colonial Religious Art From 17th & 18th Century South America Entitled “Highest Heaven”, a Couple of Nude Infant Jesuses Carved From Ivory on Display (Note the Inexplicable Sight of the Infant Jesus on the Left Resting His Right Hand on What Appears to Be the Skull of a Human Baby on a Pedestal!)

The Bronze Head of the American Avant-Garde Composer Carl Ruggles Sculpted by Harriette Miller on Display at the Bennington Museum in Bennington, Vermont

Saint Nil Icon Museum Clinton A
Just One of Close to Two Dozen Small Woodcarvings of Saint Nil Sorsky (Usually Identified by his Hood, Beard, and Crutches Beneath His Arms) Displayed Together on a Wall at the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA

Although They Are Easy to Miss, a Series of Small Lion Heads Carved From Stone Can Be Seen on the Cornice That Runs Along the Top the Worcester Art Museum’s Exterior