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A Garden Gnome (Who Resembles a Miniature Kris Kringle), Apparently Having Tired of Christmas, Has Decapitated a Tiny Snowman and Impaled Its Head on a Peppermint Stick in the Front Yard of a Home on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA


Santa Claus Stands Sentry on the Porch of a House on Mason Street in Worcester, Wishing Everyone Today (Including You, Dear Reader) “A Merry Christmas!”

The Giant Metal Steer Standing Upon the Roof of Fairway Beef Demonstrates His Holiday Spirit by Wearing an Extra Long Santa Cap Stretched Over His Right Horn

An Entire Family of Illuminated Inflatable Snowmen Gather in the Fenced-In Front Yard of a Multiple-Family House on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA

reindeer-n-woodstock-ct (2)
An Anthropomorphic Reindeer Wearing Overalls Visits a Grave at North Woodstock Cemetery in North Woodstock, CT

This Giant Santa Claus Statue (Which Stands Outside the Sand & Santa Gift Shop on Ocean Boulevard in Hampton, NH) Has Recently Received a Suntan and a Sporty New Outfit Courtesy of a Local Artist

Santa and Gargoyle Klems Spencer A.JPG
Santa, Accompanied by a Winged Gargoyle, Searches With an Old Fashioned Lantern in the Garden Center at Klem’s Tractor Supply in Spencer, MA