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A Statue of Saint Joseph (Identified by the Lily and the Carpenter Square He Holds) Seen at New Notre Dame Cemetery, Southbridge, MA


An Angel Seen Blowing a Trumpet Next to s Crucifixion Scene at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in North Grosvenordale, CT

An Intriguing Statue of Three or Possibly Four Bearded Men in Robes Standing Back to Back (Most Likely Unidentified Saints or Apostles Perhaps?) Discovered at the Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery in Chester, Virginia (Special Thanks to My Cousin Dwayne Szlosek for Sending Me This Photo and Giving Permission to Post It on This Website)

A Marble Statue of the Buddha Seen Standing n the Center of the Courtyard of the Chua Linh Son Buddhist Temple on Ruthven Avenue in Worcester, MA

A Marble Statue of the Virgin Mary Holding Baby Jesus Found at the Entrance of Mount Vernon Cemetery on the Grounds of Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church on Worcester Street in West Boylston, MA

A Carved Wooden Icon of Saint Nikolai of Mozhaisk (a Russian Variation of Saint Nicholas), With a Brass Sword and a Silver Halo Studded with Gemstones, Seen Hanging on the Wall at the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA

A Severely Weather-Beaten Statue of an Unidentified Saint Found on the Grounds of St. Hedwig’s Church in Southbridge, MA