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Elephant Hope Cemetery B.JPG
A Laughing Miniature Elephant Covers His Ears With His Front Feet as He Sits on the Base of a Tombstone at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA


Although No Longer There, This Is One of a Pair of Polychromed Ceramic Elephants That Once Flanked the Front Entrance of the Wat Buddharangsey Khmer Buddhist Temple (They Replaced Two Carved Black Marble Lions) on Beaver Brook Parkway in Worcester, MA


Baby Elephant Meolas D.JPG
A Baby Elephant Enjoys a Bath in a Fountain at Meola’s Wayside Ice Cream Stand at West Boylston, MA

Elephant Bancroft 2.JPG
A Charging Concrete Elephant Struggles to Keep His Balance in the Rock-Strewn Front Yard of a Home on Bancroft Street in Worcester, MA