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A Young Boy in a Hat Reads a Book While Sitting on a Bench in Front of a House on Pleasant Street in Spencer, MA


A Chubby Cherub With Gold Wings Rests in a Wrought Iron Chair on the Front Lawn of a House on Gates Lane in Worcester, MA

A Young Angel Clutches a Bouquet of Flowers as She Stands on the Base of a Gravestone at Vine Hill Cemetery in Plymouth, MA

A Garden Gnome Seeks Shade From the Sun Beneath A Large Sunflower Blossom at Park Lawn Cemetery in Bennington, VT

A Distraught Cherub Bows His Head and Weeps Into His Hands as He Sits on the Base of a Gravestone at Conway Village Cemetery in Conway, NH

Itsy bitsy fairy mt vernon w boylston ma
An Itty-Bitty Fairy Holds Her Tiny Face in Her Hands as She Daydreams at Mount Vernon Cemetery in West Boylston, MA

A Curious Cherub Closely Examines the Small Frog He Gently Holds in His Cupped Palms at Brookfield Cemetery in Brookfield, MA