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Winged Lion
One of the Two Winged Lions Sculpted of Stone That Keep Watch at the Shrewsbury Street Entrance of Cristoforo Colombo Park (AKA East Park) in Worcester, MA


Katz Levitz Apts Elm 2.JPG
This Griffin (a Mythological Creature That Is Part Eagle and Part Lion) Can Be Found Just Above the Fifth Story of the Katz and Leavitt Apartment House at 53 Elm Street in Worcester, MA

One of a Pair of Carved Griffins Serving as Armrests on a Renaissance-Revival Style Walnut and Leather Sofa From the Mid-1800’s on Display at the Worcester Art Museum

Forest Hill Griffin C
A Griffin Sticks His Tongue Out at Passersby From a Monument at Forest Hills Cemetery in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Worcester City Hall

Posted: February 15, 2014 in Griffins

Worcester City Hall

One of a Pair of Ferocious Griffins That Guard the Staircase on the Second Floor of Worcester City Hall

Cristoforo Colombo Park (East Park)

One of a Pair of Granite Griffins That Flank the Entrance of Cristoforo Colombo Park (East Park) from Shrewsbury Street