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An Owl and an Angel Clutching a Rose Stand Vigil in Front of a Gravestone at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA

Owl Hamilton Southbridge A.JPG
A Stylized Metallic Owl Seen Roosting on a Concrete Pedestal in a Front Yard Cluttered With Junk on Hamilton Street in Southbridge, MA

Owl St Johns Cemetery.JPG
An Owl Alights on a Log Lying in Front of a Gravestone at St. John’s Cemetery, Worcester in MA

Owl Sand Sculpture Hampton Beach.JPG
A Menagerie of Various Kinds of Birds (Including a Parrot, an Eagle, and Two Owls) Seen at This Year’s Master Sand Sculpting Competition Held at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire

Neon Owl.JPG
A Neon Owl, Grasping Tobacco Leaves in Its Talons, Perches Above the Entrance of The Owl Tobacconist Shop on Main Street in Worcester, MA

Gemstone Owl Westboylston 2
A Small Owl, Bejeweled With Rhinestones, Roosts at Midday on the Base of a Tombstone at Mount Vernon Cemetery in West Boylston, MA

Roly Poly Owl Lyman Street A
A Roly-Poly Owl, With Flowers on His Chest, Waddles on the Front Steps of a House on Lyman Street in Worcester, MA