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A Cawing Raven Roosts Upon a Human Skull in the Storefront Window of New England Magic on Essex Street in Salem, MA


cherub and bird notre dame cemetery 3
A Sweet Little Cherub Communes With the Small Bird in the Palm of His Hand While Sitting on Top of a Sphere at Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, MA

Saint Francis
A Small Bird Alights on the Rim of a Large Bird’s Nest Held by Saint Francis of Assisi in the Courtyard of St. John’s Catholic Church on Temple Street in Worcester, MA

dove gravestone
A Dove Flying Upward on a Gravestone (Like This One Found at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA) Symbolizes the Soul’s Ascension into Heaven

A Sculpture of a Duck-Like Creature Fashioned From Plastic Bottles Found at the WSU Teaching Garden on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA

A Trio of Tiny Birds Gather Together on the Edge of a Nest Next to a Grave at Conway Village Cemetery in Conway, NH

A Pair of Cast-Iron Birds Found on the Back of a Bench in Front of a Mural Painted on the West Street of Wooberry Frozen Yogurt in Worcester, MA