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An Eagle Perches Above the Empty Armor of a Roman Centurion at the Cambridge-Side Entrance of the Anderson Memorial Bridge

A Cherub Releases a Small Bird Into the Air at Hillside Cemetery in Auburn, MA

A Bronze Eagle Mounted on Top of a Stone and Concrete Monument (Dedicated to the Veterans of WWI, WWII, and the Korean War) Found on the Edge of the Town Common at the Start of Central Street in Brookfield, MA

Angel & Bird Pine Grove Westboro A.JPG
A Young Angel Gently Holds a Small Bird in the Palm of Her Hand While Sitting Next a Large Glass Sphere on an Aluminum Pedestal at Pine Grove Cemetery in Westborough, MA

Angel with Animals Park Lawn A.jpg
A Critter-Loving Cherub Surrounded by Birds and Bunnies Seen at Park Lawn Cemetery in Bennington, MA

Assorted Garden Statues Walmart A
A Large Assortment of Garden and Lawn Statues (Including Dogs, Eagles, and Military Men) Currently Available for Purchase in the Garden Center at Walmart in West Boylston, MA

Duck and angel Mann A
A White Duck Pecks Among Small Rocks While an Angel Holds a Little Bird in Her Hand in Front of a House on Mann Street in Worcester, MA