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A Pair of Skeletal Crows Gather in Front of a House on Winfield Street in Worcester, MA


An Intimidating-Looking Owl Perches on the Fence Outside of a Multiple-Family House on King Street in Worcester, MA

A Sparrow Alights on the Brim of a Cement Birdbath Filled With Water and Coins Next to a Grave at Mount Vernon Cemetery in West Boylston, MA

A Dove in Flight (Representing Peace, Purity, and Ascension Into Heaven) Carved on a Gravestone Found at Grove Street Cemetery in Putnam, CT

A Curious Brass Owl Peeks Out Between Two Old Volumes on Display in a Glass Case at the Main Branch of the Worcester Public Library on Salem Street in Worcester, MA

An Eagle Perches Above the Empty Armor of a Roman Centurion at the Cambridge-Side Entrance of the Anderson Memorial Bridge

A Cherub Releases a Small Bird Into the Air at Hillside Cemetery in Auburn, MA