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A Very Limber Squirrel Grasps an Acorn Between His Two Front Paws While Balancing on the Tip of a Pointy Headstone at North Cemetery in Oxford, MA


Garden Gnome Pratt Street B.jpg
A Friendly Garden Gnome Holds up a “Welcome” Sign to Greet Passing Pedestrians on Pratt Street on Worcester, MA

squirrel & pine Cone Leicester 3A.jpg
A Squirrel Gripping a Pinecone Between His Front Paws Tries to Hide Behind Some Rocks Along the Side of Main Street in Leicester, MA

Squirrel Waverly Street Worcester MA 2 .JPG
A Squirrel Holds a Single Sunflower Between His Front Paws While Standing in a Patch of Chrysanthemums on Waverly Street in Worcester, MA

Boy and Bunnies ND B.jpg
A Young Boy Sits and Plays With A Pair of Bunny Rabbits and a Squirrel at Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, MA

Squirrel Blue anchor Motel B.JPG
A Squirrel Caught Gathering Pine Cones on the Grounds of the Blue Anchor Guesthouse in Plymouth, MA

Squirrels Walmart West Boylston C.JPG
A Mama and Baby Squirrel Share an Acorn in the Garden Center at Walmart in West Boylston, MA