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A Wizard With a Long White Beard, Flowing Robes, and a Conical Hat Cautiously Carries a Magical Mystical Crystal Sphere Across the Front Lawn of a Home on Englewood Avenue in Worcester, MA

This Menacing Creature Sculpted From Scrap Pieces of Metal Is Just One of Many Such Fantastical Sculptures to Be Found at Herb Mackey’s Metal Sculpture Yard in Salem, MA

Mickey Mouse
A Vintage Statue of Mickey Mouse Dressed as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Spotted for Sale at the Crompton Collective on Green Street in Worcester, MA

Cemetery Wizard D
A Tiny But Powerful Pewter Wizard Uses a Crystal Ball to Cast a Magic Spell Near a Gravestone at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA

Wizard Magick Shop

A Powerful Wizard Casts a Spell in the Store Window of Mystyc’s Majickal Shoppe Located at 130 Main Street in Spencer, MA