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Sand Sculpture Game of Life 2A
“Together in the Game of Fate”, Dave Andrew’s Sand Sculpture of Anthropomorphic Chess Pieces Leaning Against Each Other Amidst the Rubble of a Smashed Board, Won Fifth Place in This Year’s Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Competition in New Hampshire (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on August 8, 2015)

Winnie the Pooh Quincy Street (2)
Winnie the Pooh Wearing a Santa Cap and Holding a Lantern Wishes Passersby a Merry Christmas From a Front Lawn on Quincy Street in Worcester, MA  (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on December 25, 2019)

An Anthropomorphic Tree Complete With a Face and Arm-Like Limbs (Apparently Possessed by a Demonic Entity) Spotted Growing in Front of a Home on Commodore Road in Worcester, MA

A Sand Sculpture Depicting a Boston Red Sox Player Belting a Grand Slam (Featuring an Anthropomorphic Baseball) Spotted During This Summer’s Master Sand Sculpting Competition Held at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on September 24, 2017)

WPI Grotesque Rowing.JPG
Just One of the Thirty-Four Limestone Grotesques to Be Salvaged From the Old Worcester Polytechnic Institute Gymnasium Before the Hundred-Year-Old Building Is Demolished Later This Year (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on April 21, 2016)

Staypuff marshmallow man
A Rather Threatening Inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Standing Outside Wonderland Comics in Putnam, CT Doesn’t Seem to Discourage Customers from Entering the Store (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on  November 26, 2014)

An Anthropomorphic Sun with Wrought Iron Scroll-Work Rays Seen Hanging on the Exterior of a Cottage on Ocean Boulevard in Hampton, NH (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on  January 17, 2018)

An Unusual 18th Century Slate Gravestone Carved With Various Masonic Symbols Including a Compass, a Star, an Eye, and an Anthropomorphic Sun With a Human Face Discovered at Mountain View Cemetery in Shrewsbury, MA (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on August 8, 2018) 

A Grinning Jack O’Lantern Man Welcomes Visitors Outside the Brookfield Orchards Salesroom in North Brookfield, MA  (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on October 5, 2017)

A Pair of Stylized Dolphins Found on the Crumbling Facade of the R. H. Stearns Building (Which Once Housed a Department Store, But Is Now the Home of Residential Apartments) on Tremont Street in Boston, MA  (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on July 22, 2018)