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A Copper Sculpture Entitled “Sighting the Course for Seacoast New Hampshire” by William Barth Osmundsen Depicting an Old-Time Seaman Navigating Wirh a Triangular-Shaped Sextant Seen Atop the Weathervane Mounted on the Cupola of the Seabrook Rest Area & Welcome Center in Seabrook, NH

navy gnome maplewood (2)
A Garden Gnome (Dressed in a Naval Uniform and Wearing What Appears to Be a Hybrid of a Sailor’s Cap and the Traditional Pointy Gnome’s Hat) Solemnly Salutes as He Stands Next to Grave at Maplewood Cemetery in Norwich CT

Sea captain Birch Street A.JPG
An Old-Timey Sea Captain Dressed in Rain Gear Finds Himself a Hundred Miles From the Ocean in a Lush Front Yard Garden on Birch Street in Worcester, MA

1295 (6).JPG
A Bearded Sea Captain Smoking s Pipe stands in Front of a Skeletal Pirate Wearing a Rain Slicker and a Mop Head as a Wig in the Store Front Window Display of Nautical Traders on Bridge Street in Salem, MA

sailor gnome hampton NH (2)
A Garden Gnome Disguised as a Sailor in the U.S. Navy Loiters Amidst the Foliage in Front of a Cottage on Highland Street in Hampton, NH