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A Stone Carving Of a Monk Studying a Sacred Scroll Seen on the Original Cambridge Public Library on Broadway in Cambridge, MA


This Carving of a Kneeling Monk Resting His Weary Head on the Stack of Books He Struggles to Hold on to Is Fittingly Found on the Original Stone Facade of the Main Branch of the Cambridge Public Library in Cambridge, MA

Saint Francis Rural Cemetery sm.jpg
Saint Francis of Assisi Converses With Three Small Birds Perched on His Arm at Rural Cemetery in Worcester, MA

A Concrete Statue of a Hooded Monk Found on the Grounds of Our Lady of Angels Church in Worcester, MA

Saint Francis Hudson Street.JPG
Saint Francis of Assisi Tends to a Small Bird and a Lamb as He Kneels in Front of a Brick House on Hudson Street in Worcester, MA

Saint Francis St. Mary's Southbridge C
A Cement Statue of Saint Francis of Assisi, Communing With Doves, Found in Front of a Tombstone at the Old Notre Dame Cemetery in Southbridge, MA

Burrage House Imp
An Impish Grotesque, Garbed in a Monk’s Robe, Peers Out From the Facade of the Historic Burrage House Located on the Corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Hereford Street in Boston, Massachusetts