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General Devens Old Court House B.JPG
A Bronze Statue, by Sculptors Edward Clark Potter and Daniel Chester French, of Charles Devens (Union General in the Civil War and the Attorney General of the United States Under President Rutherford B. Hayes) Mounted on His Horse Stands Next to the Old Worcester County District Courthouse in Worcester, MA

A Pony Streaked With White Paint Stands Knee-Deep in Fallen Leaves on the Front Lawn of a Home on Lyman Street in Worcester, MA

A Shiny Chrome Stallion Rears up on His Hind Legs on the Hood of a Restored Autocar Truck at an Antique Truck Show at the Bolton Fairgrounds in Lancaster, MA

Chess Knights WAM A.JPG
A Pair of Giant Black Knight Chess Pieces (in the Form of Abstract Horse Heads) Stand on the Sidelines After Being Captured in a Game of Oversize Chess Played in the Courtyard of the Worcester Art Museum

Horse weathervane Longfellow Manor Main st worcester A.JPG
A Brass Horse in the Form of a Weathervane Can Be Seen Galloping Over the Cupola Attached to the Top of the Longfellow Manor Apartment Building on Main Street in Worcester, MA

A Young Colt Seen Standing Outside the Sturbridge Yankee Pedlar on Main Street in Sturbridge, MA

Stevens Monument West Ridge
A Most Unusual Monument to a Local Horseman, Consisting of a Pair of Polychromed Plaster Statues of Workhorses Mounted on a Granite Base, Spotted at West Ridge Cemetery in Charlton, MA