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A Shallow Relief Sculpture of a Winged Lion (Symbolizing Saint Mark) Found on the Facade of Trinity Church at Copley Square in Boston, MA


IMG_20181125_235312 (2018-12-10T01_24_44.000)
A Shrine for the Holy Family Featuring Statues of Joseph, Mary, and the Child Jesus Found on the Grounds of St. Anne Shrine in Sturbridge, MA

A Polychromed Statue of Saint Michael the Archangel Brandishing His Sword in the Storefront Window of Botanica Las Mercedes on Pleasant Street in Worcester, MA

A Concrete Garden Statue of the Virgin Mary Available For Purchase at Jungle Jim’s Garden Center at West Boylston, MA

Saint Francis
A Small Bird Alights on the Rim of a Large Bird’s Nest Held by Saint Francis of Assisi in the Courtyard of St. John’s Catholic Church on Temple Street in Worcester, MA

A Statue of the Virgin Mary Praying (With a Large Celtic Cross Looming Behind Her) Found in the Small Cemetery on the Front Lawn of St. Anne’s Church Located on Route 9 in Shrewsbury, MA

A Small Statue of the Virgin Mary Seen on the Unmowed Lawn of a Home on Uxbridge Street in Worcester, MA