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Joan D'Arc A
A Copy of the Statue of Joan of Arc at Domrémy by Henri Chapu, Which Was Given as a Gift by the Class of 1902, Can Be Seen in the Lobby of the Administration Building at Worcester State University in Worcester, MA

joseph and baby jesus n woodstock cemetery.jpg
A Statue of Saint Joseph Holding the Infant Jesus Found at North Woodstock Cemetery in North Woodstock, Connecticut 

Saint Francis Rural Cemetery sm.jpg
Saint Francis of Assisi Converses With Three Small Birds Perched on His Arm at Rural Cemetery in Worcester, MA

Smoking Santa Owl Smoke Shop.JPG
A Miniature Saint Nick Sits in a Rocking Chair and Smokes a Cigar in the Storefront Window of The Owl Tobacconist Shop on Main Street in Worcester, MA

Saint Francis Hudson Street.JPG
Saint Francis of Assisi Tends to a Small Bird and a Lamb as He Kneels in Front of a Brick House on Hudson Street in Worcester, MA

St Peter & Paul ND Southbridge.JPG
Two Figures Depicting Saint Peter (Carrying Two Large Keys and a Book) and Saint Paul (Gripping a Sword) Found on the Big Bronze Doors of Notre Dame Catholic Church in Southbridge, MA

St Francis and Bird All Saints.JPG
A Stone Statue of Saint Francis of Assisi, Holding a Large Bird, Seen in the Courtyard of All Saints Episcopal Church in Worcester, MA