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A Ceramic Statue of Babies Crawling All Over Hoi Toi (the Laughing Buddha) Seen in the Storefront Window of A Clockwork Tattoo & Art Gallery on Main Street in Southbridge, MA


A Bald-Headed Buddha Meditates in the Lotus Position on the Steps of a Small House on Brown Avenue in Hampton, NH

A Large Buddha Head Carved From Stone Seen For Sale in the Storefront Window of The Sunrise Boutique in Clinton, MA

A Silver Buddha Stands on Display in the Storefront Window of the Sunrise Boutique on High Street in Clinton, MA

A Small Statue of Buddha Meditating in the Lotus Position Seen in Front of a House on Edward Street in Worcester, MA

A Sleepy Buddha Takes a Nap on the Wooden Deck of a Private Residence on Lake Avenue in Worcester, MA

baby poking bellybutton A
A Curious Baby Pokes His Index Finger into the Belly Button of Hoi Toi the Laughing Buddha in the Courtyard at the Pho Hien Buddhist Meditation Temple on Dewey Street in Worcester, MA