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hindu monkey god 2b (2)
A Copper Plaque Depicting Lord Hanuman, the Hindu Monkey God, Found Hanging on the Wall at the Booklovers’ Gourmet in Webster, MA

diana c nb.JPG
A Cracked and Peeling Plaster Statue of Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, Found on the Grounds of the Historic White Cliffs Estate (Originally the Summer Home of Gun Magnate Daniel Wesson of “Smith & Wesson” Fame) in Northborough, MA

The Ancient Goat-Like Greek God Pan Sighted Playing His Signature Flute Amidst the Foliage of a Backyard Garden on Derby Street in Salem, MA

Tikis (2).JPG
A Pair of Polynesian Tikis Carved From Wooden Logs (One Wood Stained, and the Other Painted White) Seen Loitering on the Front Porch of a Cottage on Ocean Boulevard in Hampton, NH

DSCN2330 (3)
A Statue of Ganesha, the Hindu God With the Head of an Elephant, Spotted Outside the Floating Lotus Boutique on Bearskin Neck in Rockport, MA

A High-Relief Carving of an Angel Holding on to an Upright Ship’s Anchor Seen on the Shannon Family Mausoleum at St. Mary Cemetery in Norwich, CT

The Figure of Poseidon (the Ancient Greek God of the Sea) Clutching His Trident Stands on Top of a Bronze Fountain in the Courtyard of the Salem Public Library on Essex Street in Salem MA

An Ancient Stone Statue of an Unidentified Hindu Goddess on Permanent Display at the Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, MA

An Example of a Putto (a Chubby Male Child Usually Naked and Winged) Representing Either a Cherub or (More Likely in This Case) Cupid Carrying a Bunch of Large Grapes on His Shoulder in a Front Yard Garden on Pleasant Street in Spencer, MA

A Marble Head Sculpted in the 2nd Century A.D. of Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, Seen on Display at the Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, MA