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mack bulldog construction hat 3  (2).JPG
A Stylized Chrome Bulldog Hood Ornament Wearing a Safety Helmet, Vest, and Leather Trousers Found on a Restored Mack Truck at an Antique Truck Show Held on the Bolton Fairgrounds in Lancaster, MA

Orson the Polar Bear, Polar Beverages’ 25-Foot Inflatable Mascot, Can Be Seen by Drivers on I-290 West Standing on the Company’s Factory Building on Southbridge Street in Worcester, MA

A Charging Ram Hood Ornament Found on an Old Dodge Truck at an Antique Truck Show Held at the Bolton Fairgrounds in Lancaster, MA

An Inflatable Carfax Car Fox Surveys the Lot at CAS Auto Center Located on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

A Life-Size Statue of Jack Daniels (of Tennessee Whiskey Fame) Found in the Foyer of Yankee Spirits on Main Street in Sturbridge, MA

Apple Tree Shrewsbury 2
The Face of a Anthropomorphic Apple Tree (the Company Mascot of Angry Orchard Hard Cider) Glares Out From the Window of the Brew City Grill & Brew House on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA