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dove gravestone
A Dove Flying Upward on a Gravestone (Like This One Found at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA) Symbolizes the Soul’s Ascension into Heaven


St Francis St Anne 3.JPG
Saint Francis of Assisi Communes With a Couple of His Fine Feathered Friends on the Grounds of St. Anne Shrine in Sturbridge, MA

A Garden Gnome Pushes a Large Crystal Ball in a Wooden Wheelbarrow Accompanied by a Squirrel and a Small Bird in a Front Yard on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA

An Angel Releases a Dove Into the Air at Vine Hill Cemetery in Plymouth, MA

A Dove in Flight (Representing Peace, Purity, and Ascension Into Heaven) Carved on a Gravestone Found at Grove Street Cemetery in Putnam, CT

Dove Gravestone Hebrew Cemetery.JPG
A Rather Unusual Granite Gravestone From the 1920’s Featuring a Carving of a Dove Found at Worcester Hebrew Cemetery in Auburn, MA

A Mourning Dove Seen Perched Atop a Statue of a Woman Holding a Garland of Flowers at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA