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An Angel Releases a Dove Into the Air at Vine Hill Cemetery in Plymouth, MA


A Dove in Flight (Representing Peace, Purity, and Ascension Into Heaven) Carved on a Gravestone Found at Grove Street Cemetery in Putnam, CT

Dove Gravestone Hebrew Cemetery.JPG
A Rather Unusual Granite Gravestone From the 1920’s Featuring a Carving of a Dove Found at Worcester Hebrew Cemetery in Auburn, MA

A Mourning Dove Seen Perched Atop a Statue of a Woman Holding a Garland of Flowers at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA

Angel and Dove St Roch
An Angel With a Serene Expression on Her Face Holds a Snow White Dove Tenderly in Her Hands at St. Roch’s Cemetery in Oxford, MA

Elegant Angel North Cemetery B
A Dove Flaps Its Wings as an Elegant Angel Holds It Gently in Her Hands at North Cemetery in Ozford, MA

Dove Tombstone
Doves, Symbolizing Peace and Purity, Began to Appear as a Common Gravetone Motif in the 19th Century, and Are Usually Found on the Tombstones of Women Who Died Young, Such as This One at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Southbridge, Massachusetts