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Golfing turtle Spaulding Street.jpg
An Anthropomorphic Turtle Sporting a Golfing Cap Practices Putting in the Backyard of a Home on Spaulding Street in Worcester, MA


Fish and turtle Sand sculpture Hampton Beach A.JPG
A Sea Turtle. a Seahorse, and Two Fish Surround a Sign Sculpted From Sand Announcing the 16th Annual Master Sand Sculpting Classic Held Last June at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire

Turtle Mount Zion.JPG
A Determined Little Turtle Slowly Crawls Through a Morass of Fallen Leaves at Mount Zion in Webster, MA

Tall Turtle Avenue J Hampton Beach
An Extremely Tall Turtle Caught Hanging Out in the Front Yard Garden of a Cottage on J Street in Hampton, NH

Elf Riding Turtle Grafton
Although at First Glance, He Might Be Mistaken for a Garden Gnome With an Unusually Dark Beard, an Elf With Facial Hair Rides a Turtle in the Front Yard of a House on Millbury Street in Grafton, MA

Turtle Lyman Street
A Tiny Turtle Floats on a Lily Pad Above a Front Yard Garden of a Home on Lyman Street in Worcester, MA

Turtle Sterling D
An Adventurous Turtle Explores the Grounds of a Private Residence on Redstone Hill Road, Sterling, Massachusetts