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A Mama Frog Squats on a Toadstool While Her Baby Sits on Her Right Shoulder in Front of a House on Windsor Street in Worcester, MA


A Metal Sculture of a Frog Wearing Glasses Reading His Favorite Book Spotted on the Front Lawn of a Home on Richmond Avenue in Worcester, MA

warty toad
A Warty Toad Lies Prone While Balancing a Shallow Basin on His Head and Hind Feet in a Front Yard Covered With Frost on Bellevue Street in Worcester, MA

old toad cooking nd cemetery worcester A
An Ugly Old Toad Dressed in a Chef’s Hat and Apron Squats on Top of a Gravestone at Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, MA

A Curious Cherub Closely Examines the Small Frog He Gently Holds in His Cupped Palms at Brookfield Cemetery in Brookfield, MA

A Fat Frog Found Among the Foliage in Front of the Tip Top Country Store on Central Street in Brookfield, MA

A Melancholy Frog Spotted Squatting on the Stone Wall That Surrounds the Old Indian Cemetery on Cottage Street in West Brookfield, MA