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A Garden Gnome Seeks Shade From the Sun Beneath A Large Sunflower Blossom at Park Lawn Cemetery in Bennington, VT


A Couple of Lazy Garden Gnomes Loaf in the Afternoon Sun Upon a Tree Stump on a Front Lawn on Cottage Street in West Brookfield, MA

A Humble Garden Gnome Dressed in a Burlap Cap and Vest Grasps His Walking Staff in His Right Hand While Holding a Pot of Flowers in His Left in Front of a House on Gates Lane in Worcester, MA

A Garden Gnome With a Bulbous Nose Caught Lurking Outside the Entrance of the Tip Top Country Store Located on Central Street in Brookfield, MA

A Trio of Idle Garden Gnomes Laze Around a “Welcome” Sign in the Front Yard of a House on Fairfield Street in Worcester, MA

Garden Gnome Wheelbarrow Walmouth A
A Garden Gnome Sporting a Bright Red Beard Pushes a Wheelbarrow Filled With Blossoms in the Front Yard of a Home on Walworth Street in Worcester, MA

Garden Gnome Courtland Street A (2)
A Garden Gnome Takes a Nap Beneath a Large Slab of Weathered Wood in Front of a House on Courtland Street in Worcester, MA