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Garden Gnome Wheelbarrow Walmouth A
A Garden Gnome Sporting a Bright Red Beard Pushes a Wheelbarrow Filled With Blossoms in the Front Yard of a Home on Walworth Street in Worcester, MA

Garden Gnome Courtland Street A (2)
A Garden Gnome Takes a Nap Beneath a Large Slab of Weathered Wood in Front of a House on Courtland Street in Worcester, MA

Garden Gnome Pratt Street B.jpg
A Friendly Garden Gnome Holds up a “Welcome” Sign to Greet Passing Pedestrians on Pratt Street on Worcester, MA

Gnome and Snail Belmont Street.JPG
A Tiny Garden Gnome Is Seen Riding a Large Snail in Front of a House on Belmont Street in Worcester, MA

Patriot Gnome Hope A.JPG
There Is Little Doubt Which Team This Patriotic Garden Gnome, Spotted at St. John’s Cemetery in Worcester, Will Be Rooting For During This Sunday’s Super Bowl

Praying angel and Gnome Webster Street Worcester B.JPG
An Unsuspecting Angel Totally Unaware That She Is Being Photobombed by a Garden Gnome as She Prays on the Porch of a House on Webster Street in Worcester, MA

Motorcycle Gnome Mt Zion Webster.JPG
A Rather Tough-Looking Garden Gnome, Wearing Shades and a Bandanna ( Over His Cap), Revs His Motorbike at Mount Zion Cemetery in Webster, MA