A Drowsy Cherub Seen Napping on Top of a Gravestone at Conway Village Cemetery in Conway, NH


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A Very Unusual Combination Clock and Fountain With Various Motifs From the Italian Renaissance Including a Nubile Maiden, Wingless Putti (Naked Baby Boys), and Stylized Diving Dolphins Discovered in Front of a House on Garland Street in Worcester, MA

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A Floppy-Eared Hound Attempts to Palm a Small Basketball While Waiting to Be Purchased at Jungle Jim’s Garden Center in West Boylston, MA

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A Small Icon Carved From Wood of Saint Nil Sorsky Found Hanging on a Wall at the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA

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A Sculpture of a Duck-Like Creature Fashioned From Plastic Bottles Found at the WSU Teaching Garden on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA

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The Bust of What Appears to Be a Bearded Man From Ancient Greece Seen in the Storefront Window of Downtown Lost and Found Antique Store on Main Street in Bennington, VT

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A Small Statue of the Virgin Mary Seen on the Unmowed Lawn of a Home on Uxbridge Street in Worcester, MA

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