Christopher Columbus (2)
In Honor of It Being Columbus Day Today, Here Is a Close-Up of the Marble Statue of the Italian Explorer Which Stands in Front of Union Station in Worcester, MA


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Sculpture Assumption Library B (2)
An Interesting Clay Sculpture of the Head of a Man With Apparently Scaly Skin Impaled on a Rusty Spike Sticking up Through a Weathered Slab of Wood Seen on Display Inside the Emmanuel d’Alzon Library on the Campus of Assumption College in Worcester, MA

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Angel Elmvale Cemetery (2)
A Child-Like Angel Bows Her Head and Prays Next to a Grave at Elmvale Cemetery in East Woodstock, CT

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A Funny-Looking Fish Flounders With His Mouth Wide Open Atop a Granite Headstone at Hillside Cemetery in Auburn, MA

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Headless Horseman (2).JPG
The Headless Horseman Seen Riding His Demonic Steed Across an Open Field on Fabyan Road in Dudley, MA

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squirrel maplewood (2)
A Squirrel Seen Nibbling an Acorn Gripped Between His Two Front Paws at Maplewood Cemetery in Norwich, CT

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A Cute Little Cherub Takes a Nap Next to a Coleus Plant While a Small Bird Seeks Shelter Beneath His Wings at North Cemetery in Oxford, MA

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