A Winged Gargoyle With a Pained Expression Glares Down From High Up on the Hereford Street Side of the Burrage House in Boston, MA


Image  —  Posted: August 17, 2018 in Architectural Details, Gargoyles and Grotesques, Sculptures, Statuary, Stone Carvings
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A Pair of Gnarled Faces (Along With a Cluster of Leaves) Carved Into a Single Piece of Weathered Wood Found Hanging on the Exterior of the Yak Arts International Gallery in Orleans, MA

Image  —  Posted: August 16, 2018 in Faces, Green Men, Sculptures, Wood Carvings
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A Frog Sculpted in High Relief on a Plaque Seen on Display in the Storefront Window of the Sunrise Boutique in Clinton, MA

Image  —  Posted: August 15, 2018 in Frogs, Sculptures, Storefront Window Displays
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A Sand Sculpture of a Fierce Female Warrior Slaying a Sea Serpent With a Sword Seen at This Year’s Master Sand Sculpting Classic at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire

Image  —  Posted: August 14, 2018 in Monsters, Sand Sculptures, Sculptures, Sea Creatures, Sea Serpents, Statuary

A Demonic Kitty Cat With Bat Wings Spotted Sitting on a Shelf in the Storefront Window of Hex: Old World Witchery on Essex Street in Salem, MA

Image  —  Posted: August 13, 2018 in Cats, Devils and Demons, Statuary, Storefront Window Displays
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A Lone Stone Lion Seen Solemnly Sitting in an Extremely Small Yard in Front of a House on Bancroft Street in Worcester, MA

Image  —  Posted: August 12, 2018 in Garden Statues, Lawn Statues, Lions, Sculptures, Statuary, Stone Carvings

A Metal Sculpture of a Serpent-Like Dragon (Clutching a Sphere in Its Claws) Seen on a Lawn Surrounded by a Wrought-Iron Fence on Blueberry Hill in Webster, MA

Image  —  Posted: August 11, 2018 in Dragons, Garden Statues, Lawn Statues, Metal Sculpture, Sculptures, Statuary
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