Two Nearly Identical Aliens, Armed With Blasters, Invade the Front Yard of a Private Home on Mason Street in Worcester, MA


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A Diminutive Black Bear Cub Holds up a Wooden “Welcome” Sign in Front of a Gravel Bed in the Front Yard of a Home on Summer Street in Southbridge, MA

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A Cherub Stares Down Into His Cupped Palms as He Rests Under a Tree at Calvary Cemetery in Dudley, MA

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Tall Wig Soul Effigy Woodstock CT
An Intriguing Winged “Soul Effigy”, Wearing Either an Extremely Tall Wig or a Stylized Crown, Discovered on a Mid-18th Century Gravestone at the Woodstock Hill Burial Ground in Woodstock, CT

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A Bin Filled With Human Skulls For Sale at the Christmas Tree Shops in North Conway, NH

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lion-face-urn-harvard-st-harvard-cambridge-ma (1)
The Face of a Lion Peers Down From a Vine-Covered Urn Upon Top of the Wall That Surrounds the Harvard University Campus on Harvard Street in Cambridge, MA

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An Intimidating-Looking Owl Perches on the Fence Outside of a Multiple-Family House on King Street in Worcester, MA

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