One of the Four Weathered and Lichen-Covered Stone Faces of Jesus Found on the Corners of the Jones Family Monument at Pine Grove Cemetery in Leicester, MA

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One of a Pair of Lions Caught Prowling Outside a Private Residence on Highland Street in Worcester, MA

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A Young Angel With a Broken Wing Grasps a Small Cross in Her Right Hand While Kneeling on One Knee Beside a Grave at St. John’s Cemetery in Worcester, MA

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A Stylized Skull With Wings Seen on a Slate Gravestone From the Early 18th Century at Brookfield Cemetery in Brookfield, Massachusetts

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One of a Pair of Imperial Guardian Lions (Both Apparently Male as Indicated by the Traditional Sphere Under Each of Their Left Paws) Standing Sentry on Either Side of a Set of Stairs Leading up to the Front Door of a Private Home on Longfellow Road in Worcester, MA

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The Rotting Cadaver of a Pirate Captain Sits on and Guards a Wooden Treasure Chest Near the Entrance of Buc’s Lagoon on Ocean Boulevard at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire

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An Anthropomorphic Frog Dressed in Overalls Loiters in Front of a House on Stone Street in Auburn, MA

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