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A Pair of Skeletal Crows Gather in Front of a House on Winfield Street in Worcester, MA


A Plaster Statue of Apollo, the Ancient Greek and Roman God of Medicine and Music (Identified by His Lyre), Found on the Grounds of the Manor Restaurant and Banquet Facility Located on West Boylston Street in West Boylston, MA

A Fairy, Whose Wings Are Decorated With a Stylized Flower Design, Holds a Shallow Bowl Filled With a Large Field Stone and a Couple of Sticks Tied Together With a Bow at Sacred Heart Cemetery in West Brookfield, MA

Two Nearly Identical Aliens, Armed With Blasters, Invade the Front Yard of a Private Home on Mason Street in Worcester, MA

A Diminutive Black Bear Cub Holds up a Wooden “Welcome” Sign in Front of a Gravel Bed in the Front Yard of a Home on Summer Street in Southbridge, MA

A Cherub Stares Down Into His Cupped Palms as He Rests Under a Tree at Calvary Cemetery in Dudley, MA

An Intimidating-Looking Owl Perches on the Fence Outside of a Multiple-Family House on King Street in Worcester, MA