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A Metal Statue of a Mermaid Caressing a Dolphin Discovered in a Backyard Overgrown With Foliage on Laurel Street in Worcester, MA


Mermaid Mrs Mitchells Gifts
A Pensive Mermaid Pines for the Sea in the Storefront Window of Mrs Mitchell’s Gifts on Ocean Boulevard in Hampton, NH

A Mermaid With Long Flowing Hair Spotted Lying Among Advertisements for Coca Cola and Other Products and Services at Last Summer’s Master Sand Sculpting Competition Held at Hampton Beach

A Sleepy Little Mermaid Takes a Nap on a Shelf in the Garden Center at Klem’s Tractor Supply in Spencer, Massachusetts

Mermaid Lyman Street
A Lithe Young Mermaid Poses With a Mysterious White Orb in Front of a House on Lyman Street in Worcester, MA

ST John Mermaid
Far From Her Natural Home in the Sea, a Mermaid Rests at the Base of a Gravestone in St. John’s Cemetery in Worcester, MA