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A Bronze Statue of the Archangel Michael Thrusting His Signature Sword Found on the Grounds of St. Anne Shrine in Sturbridge, MA


A Marble Statue of the Virgin Mary Holding Baby Jesus Found at the Entrance of Mount Vernon Cemetery on the Grounds of Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church on Worcester Street in West Boylston, MA

A Brass Handle in the Shape of a Praying Angel Found on One of the Front Doors of the Holy Trinity Armenian Church on Brattle Street in Cambridge, MA

A Severely Weather-Beaten Statue of an Unidentified Saint Found on the Grounds of St. Hedwig’s Church in Southbridge, MA

A Photograph of a Larger-Than-Life Crucifix on an Unidentified Brick Building (Presumably a Church, But Not Confirmed) Taken During a Stroll on Harvard Street in Cambridge, MA

Cherub Notre Dame Church 2A
The Serene but Weathered Face of a Praying Cherub Peers out from the Elaborate Bronze Doors of Notre Dame Catholic Church in Southbridge, MA

St. Paddy's Gargoyles C.JPG
A Long-Necked Gargoyle (One of Eight That Went Missing From the Former Chestnut Street Congregational Church Almost a Decade Ago But Were Recently Returned to Worcester) Protrudes from the Back of the Preservation Worcester Float in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Along Park Avenue Last Sunday