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An Entire Family of Illuminated Inflatable Snowmen Gather in the Fenced-In Front Yard of a Multiple-Family House on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA


Days After Halloween Has Passed, A Giant Inflatable Jack Skellington (From “The Nightmare Before Christmas”) Still Stands Next to a Jack O’Lantern in Front of a House on Charlotte Street in Worcester, MA

Freezing Snowman Sever Street.JPG
A Very Cold Snowman Shivers on the Front Lawn of a House on Sever Street in Worcester, MA

A Giant Tom Turkey, Sporting a Pilgrim Hat, Wishes Passersby a “Happy Thanksgiving” From the Front Yard of a House on Pleasant Street in Spencer, MA

Cat Witches hat 2
A Gigantic Black Cat, Wearing a Witch’s Hat, Threatens to Pounce on Passersby from the Front Lawn of a Home on Pleasant Street in Spencer, MA

Alien  Sturbridge
A Captured Alien from Outer Space Sits Tied up in a Chair in Front of the Millyard Market Place on Main Street in Sturbridge, MA

Halloween Outlet
A Pair of Zombified Garden Gnomes Team up With an Evil Clown to Terrorize Shoppers at the Halloween Outlet on West Boylston Street in Worcester, MA