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An Eagle Perches Above the Empty Armor of a Roman Centurion at the Cambridge-Side Entrance of the Anderson Memorial Bridge


A Bronze Eagle Mounted on Top of a Stone and Concrete Monument (Dedicated to the Veterans of WWI, WWII, and the Korean War) Found on the Edge of the Town Common at the Start of Central Street in Brookfield, MA

Assorted Garden Statues Walmart A
A Large Assortment of Garden and Lawn Statues (Including Dogs, Eagles, and Military Men) Currently Available for Purchase in the Garden Center at Walmart in West Boylston, MA

Eagle Gargoyle Chestnut ST
A Thin Stream of Rainwater Drips From the Beak of an Eagle-Like Gargoyle Found on the Former Union Congregational Church on Chestnut Street in Worcester, MA

Eagle South Station Boston 2B.jpg
A Mighty 160,000 Pound Stone Eagle Keeps a Careful Watch on the Streets Below From His Perch High Atop South Station on Atlantic Avenue in Boston, MA

Eagle civil war monument Whitinsville.JPG
A Majestic Bronze Eagle, With Its Wings Spread, Lands Upon the Granite Sphere Atop the Northbridge Civil War Monument on the Town Common in Whitinsville, MA

Katz Levitz Apts Elm 2.JPG
This Griffin (a Mythological Creature That Is Part Eagle and Part Lion) Can Be Found Just Above the Fifth Story of the Katz and Leavitt Apartment House at 53 Elm Street in Worcester, MA