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A Gang of Creepy Clowns (One Adult and Three Babies) Go Trick or Treating on the Front Lawn of a House on Coolidge Road in Worcester, MA


A Grinning Jack O’Lantern Man Welcomes Visitors Outside the Brookfield Orchards Salesroom in North Brookfield, MA

The Rotting Cadaver of a Pirate Captain Sits on and Guards a Wooden Treasure Chest Near the Entrance of Buc’s Lagoon on Ocean Boulevard at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire

An Almost Surreal Scene of a Plaster Bust Being Hoisted Above Its Pedestal by a Rope as a Smartly Dressed Mannequin Stands by in the Storefront Window of the Denholm Building (Which Once Housed the Denholm Department Store) on Main Street in Worcester, MA

Smoking Santa Owl Smoke Shop.JPG
A Miniature Saint Nick Sits in a Rocking Chair and Smokes a Cigar in the Storefront Window of The Owl Tobacconist Shop on Main Street in Worcester, MA

A Cute Little Ghost Tries to Cheer up a Depressed-Looking Cadaver on Mason Street in Worcester, MA

Skull Spectre Ludlow Street A.JPG
A Skull-Faced Specter in Chains Floats Above the Top of a Long Set of Concrete Steps Leading up to a Home on Ludlow Street in Worcester, MA