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A Holiday Scene Featuring Two Mannequins Dressed in Victorian Garb and a Small Dog (All Created From Newsprint) Erected Inside Jacob Edwards Library in Southbridge, MA


A Cartoonish Soldier Dressed in Combat Fatigues Greets ustomers at the Entrance of the Army Barracks Army-Navy Store Located on Essex Street in Salem, MA

A Faceless Spectre Dragging Chains and Holding a Lantern Seen Floating on the Front Lawn of a Home on May Street in Worcester, MA

A Classical Witch Dressed in Elegant Finery Casts a Spell in the Storefront Window of New England Magic on Essex Street in Salem, MA

The Upper Torso of a Skeleton Seen on the Shelf Waiting to Be Purchased at Walgreens on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

A Mysterious Fortune Teller Gazes Into Her All-Seeing Crystal Ball Inside the Playland Arcade on Ocean Boulevard in Hampton, NH

A Parrot Sits on the Shoulder of a Skeleton Dressed as a Pirate Standing at the Entrance of Buc’s Lagoon at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire