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A Stylized Skull With Wings Seen on an 18th Century Gravestone at the Old Spencer Cemetery in Spencer, MA


A Winged Death Head Motif Carved on a Slate Gravestone From the Mid-1700’s Found in Wappoquia (AKA Sabin or South) Cemetery in Pomfret, CT

goblets big e (2)
Various Ornately Decorated Drinking Goblets Including Ones Featuring Tiny Skulls, the Face of a Green Man, and the Head of a Zombie Available for Purchase on the Eastern States Exposition Grounds During the Big E Last September in West Springfield, MA

A Winged Death’s Head Carved on an 18th Century Gravestone Found at King’s Chapel Burying Ground in Boston, MA

A Rather Crude Carving of a Skull With Wings Found on a Headstone From the Mid-18th Century at Woodstock Hill Burial Ground in Woodstock, CT

The Skull of What Appears to Be a Gigantic Raven Found Resting on Top of a Bookshelf at NeverMore Books in Beaufort, SC

(Photograph by Dwayne Szlosek)

This Gravestone Carved With a Winged Skull (of the Woman Many People Believe Was the Original Mother Goose) Can Be Found Surrounded by Goose Feathers Planted in the Ground Around It at Granary Burying Ground on Tremont Street in Boston, MA