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The Skull of What Appears to Be a Gigantic Raven Found Resting on Top of a Bookshelf at NeverMore Books in Beaufort, SC

(Photograph by Dwayne Szlosek)


This Gravestone Carved With a Winged Skull (of the Woman Many People Believe Was the Original Mother Goose) Can Be Found Surrounded by Goose Feathers Planted in the Ground Around It at Granary Burying Ground on Tremont Street in Boston, MA

A Skinny Wooden Skeleton Wearing a Fleece Jester’s Cap Greets Customers on the Sales Floor of Colonial Copy Center on Central Street in Southbridge, MA

An 18th Century Gravestone (Featuring a Winged Skull Motif) Found at the Broad Street Cemetery in Salem, MA

A Human Skull With a Black Rose Clenched in Its Teeth Seen on Display in the Storefront Window of OMEN: Psychic Parlor & Witchcraft Emporium on Essex Street in Salem, MA

A Human Skeleton Emerges From a Large Pot of Chrysanthemums on the Concrete Stoop of a Brick House on Longfellow Road in Worcester, MA

A Demonic Winged Gargoyle With a Human Skull His Feet Is Seen Perched Above the Entrance of Frankenstein’s Castle on Derby Street in Salem, MA