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One of a Pair of Diminutive Lions Flanking the Wooden Steps That Lead up to the Front Door of a House on Reed Street in Worcester, MA


A Female Imperial Guardian Lion Seen With Her Young Cub in Front of a House on Main Street in Bennington, VT

A Snarling Lion’s Head For Sale Seen Hanging on a Wall at Crompton Collective in Worcester, MA

!Forest Hill Griffin 2
A Winged Lion Carved From Stone Hangs His Tongue Out of His Mouth at Forest Hills Cemetery in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts


Leicester LIONS PARK 2
A Ferocious Lion Stands Sentry at the Entrance of Leicester, MA

A Replica of the Brunswick Lion (The Original Bronze Statue Was Erected on Burgplatz Square in Brunswick, Germany in 1166) Stands on a Stone Pedestal in the Courtyard of Adolphus Busch Hall on the Campus of Harvard University in Cambridge, MA

Water Streams From an Urn Held by a Female Figure Dressed in Flowing Robes Standing Atop the Cast Iron Rice Memorial Fountain Located on the West Brookfield Common in West Brookfield, MA