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lion-face-urn-harvard-st-harvard-cambridge-ma (1)
The Face of a Lion Peers Down From a Vine-Covered Urn Upon Top of the Wall That Surrounds the Harvard University Campus on Harvard Street in Cambridge, MA


One of a Pair of Golden Lions That For Years Once Greeted Diners in the Entryway of the Now-Closed Haiku Sushi Restaurant on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

A Pair of Silver Lions Keeping Sentry Atop the Brick Wall That Surrounds the Courtyard of the Chua Linh Son Buddhist Temple on Ruthven Avenue in Worcester, MA

One of a Pair of Lions Caught Prowling Outside a Private Residence on Highland Street in Worcester, MA

One of a Pair of Imperial Guardian Lions (Both Apparently Male as Indicated by the Traditional Sphere Under Each of Their Left Paws) Standing Sentry on Either Side of a Set of Stairs Leading up to the Front Door of a Private Home on Longfellow Road in Worcester, MA

One of a Pair of Shaggy Lions Lurking in the Ivy in Front of a Home on Coolidge Road in Worcester, MA

This Tremendous Stone Sphinx (a Mythological Creature With the Body of a Lion and the Head of a Human) Which Serves a a Memorial to Those Who Died in the American Civil War Can Be Found at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA