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Lion Park Lion8
The Leg of a Granite Bench Carved Into the Shape of a Miniature Lion Found at Leicester Lions Park in Leicester, MA


An Imperial Guardian Lion Glimpsed in the Storefront Window of White & Brite Cleaners Located on Boston Turnpike Road in Shrewsbury, MA

richmond lion
A Golden Lion With His Left Paw Resting on a Sphere Seen in Front of a Private Home on Richmond Avenue in Worcester, MA

lion abbot streer
A Small Plaster Lion Seen on the Front Steps of a House on Abbott Street in Worcester, MA

A White Lion Seen Guarding the Porch of a House on Channing Street in Worcester, MA

One of s Pair of Golden Lions Flanking Steps Leading up to the Front Door of a House on Pleasant Street in Worcester, MA

A Marble Foo Dog (A.K.A. Imperial Guardian Lion) Stands Sentry on a Concrete Block Wall in Front of a House on Winfield Street in Worcester, MA