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Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus st marys putnam 2.JPG
A Marble Statue of a Mournful Madonna Holding the Infant Jesus Found at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Putnam, CT

Nativity Voltage Boutique (3).JPG
Mary Holds the Sleeping Baby Jesus in Her Arms as Joseph Looks on in a Nativity Scene Seen in the Storefront Window of the Voltage Fashion Boutique on Main Street in Worcester, MA

Virgin Mary Dorchester ST 3A.JPG
A Small Statue of the Virgin Mary Standing With Outstretched Hands Spotted in Front of a House on Dorchester Street in Worcester, MA

Cherubs at the feet of virgin mary st joe.JPG
A Couple of Chubby-Faced Cherubs Cling to the Skirt of the Virgin Mary at St. Joseph Polish Cemetery in Webster, MA

A Bas-Relief Sculpture of the Virgin Mary Attended by Two Angels Found Above the Front Entrance of the Former Notre Dame des Canadiens Church at 5 Salem Square in Worcester, Which Faces the Threat of Being Demolished by the Current Owners in the Near Future

The Virgin Mary Folds Her Hands in Prayer as She Gazes up Toward Heaven at St John’s Cemetery in Worcester, MA

Blessed Virgin Assumption College A.JPG
The Statue of the Blessed Virgin Raises Its Arms Toward the Sky in a Dramatic Gesture in Front of the La Maison Building on the Campus of Assumption College in Worcester, MA