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Dover Demon (4)From My Previous Posts, You May Be Under the Impression That the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine Is Filled With Just Exhibits on Sasquatch, But to Dispell That Notion, Here Is Their Display on the Mysterious Dover Demon

A Zombified Garden Gnome Threaten Passersby From the Front Lawn of a Home on Englewood Avenue in Worcester, MA

A Weary Silver Gargoyle Rests His Massive Arms on an Upright Shield in the Front Yard of a House on Englewood Avenue in Worcester, MA

A Sculpture of a Wonderful Werewolf-Like Creature Consisting of Scrap Metsl, Polychromed Tin, Wire, String, and Machine Parts Hangs on the Wall at the Gallery at 9 Mill Street in Greenfield, MA

A Halloween Creature With a Pumpkin Head Wearing a Hood For Sale at Walgreens at Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

The Menacing Alien Creature From the Movie “Alien” Sculpted From Scrap Pieces of Metal Seen at This Year’s North Quabbin Garlic Festival in Orange, MA

A Bust of the Boris Karloff’s Version of Frankenstein’s Monster Featured in the Storefront Window of Frankenstein’s Castle Located on Derby Street in Salem, MA