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frankenstein head chandler.JPG
The Giant Head of Frankenstein’s Monster (Carved out of a Wooden Log) Hangs From Chains on the Side of the Worcester Trading Post on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA


Abomible snow monster hampton beach 3.JPG
The Abominable Snow Monster of the North (From the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer TV Special) Makes an Unexpected Appearance Inside the Hampton Beach Casino Arcade Located on Ocean Boulevard in Hampton, NH

Rising from Abyss Sand Sculpture B.JPG
Guy-Olivier Deveau’s “Rising from the Abyss”, This Year’s First Place Winner at the Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Competition, Appears to Have Crawled From Mankind’s Most Terrifying Erotic Nightmare

A Egyptian Mummy Spotted Buried up to His Waist in the Front Yard of a Suburban Home on Fairlawn Drive in Worcester, Massachusetts

A Sinister-Looking Figure Stares Out From Behind the Window of the Old North Street Tea and Curiosity Shop in Plymouth, MA

A Reanimated but Still Decaying Cadaver Attempts to Climb Over a Chain Link Fence on Mason Street in Worcester, MA

Sinister Clown Wall
This Humongous Head of a Sinister Clown Served as a Backdrop for the Dia de los Muertos Halloween Costume Contest Held Last Year at 11th Annual Market of the Living Dead @ SoWa on Harrison Avenue in Boston, MA