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A Metal Sculpture of a Stylized Uncle Sam Stands on the Front Steps of a House on Lakewood Street in Worcester, MA


Father Time Spotted Literately Holding Time in His Hands in the Form of a Carved Wooden Clock Standing Next to the Entrance of the Worcester Trading Post on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA

This Giant Santa Claus Statue (Which Stands Outside the Sand & Santa Gift Shop on Ocean Boulevard in Hampton, NH) Has Recently Received a Suntan and a Sporty New Outfit Courtesy of a Local Artist

Cupid Main Street Southbridge.JPG
A Surprisingly Anatomically Correct Depiction of Cupid, the Roman God of Love and Desire, Seen (Without His Signature Bow and Arrows) on a Large Black Cast Iron Planter Along the Side of Main Street in Southbridge, MA

A Giant Santa Claus Statue Seen Standing Outside the Sand & Santa Gift Shop on Ocean Boulevard in Hampton, NH

A Sand Sculpture of Poseidon (the Ancient Greek God of the Sea) Surrounded by Adverts for Local Businesses Seen During This Year’s Master Sand Sculpting Competition at Hampton Beach

World war memorial Warrior.JPG
An Ancient Warrior Flying Into Battle With Sword and Shield (Perhaps a Depiction of Ares the Greek God of War) Sculpted in Bas-Relief on the Left Side of the Worcester World War Memorial at Lincoln Square in Worcester, Massachusetts