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This Bronze Statue of the Great American Writer Nathaniel Hawthorne was Erected in 1925 on Hawthorne Boulevard in Salem, MA

A Stone Bust of 19th Century American Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Found in the Courtyard Garden of the Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA (Which Was Immortalized in His Book of Poetry “Tales of the Wayside Inn”)

Edgar Allen Poe 3A

Edgar Allen Poe
Halloween is the Perfect Time to Plan a Pilgrimage to Charles Street in Boston to See Stefanie Rocknak’s Life-Sized Statue of Edgar Allan Poe, America’s Acknowledged Literary Master of Horror, Mystery, and the Macabre

phillis Wheatley
The Bronze Statue of Phillis Wheatley (the First African-American Poet to Have a Book Published), on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, Appears to Be Contemplating What Lies Inside the Canvas Lunch Box Which a Tourist Has Placed in Front of Her