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The Base of the Replica Fountain Installed at Central Park in Clinton, Massachusetts in 2000 to Replace the Original Given to the Town by John R. Foster in 1890 and Demolished by the Hurricane of 1938


This Cast-Iron Face of a Woman Is Seen Protruding From the Base of the Drinking Fountain on the West Brookfield Town Common

The Child-Like Figure of Cupid (the Ancient Roman God of Desire) Clutching a Lyre Stands Atop the Cast-Iron Drinking Fountain on the West Brookfield Town Common

boy duck dog fountain huntington.JPG
A Gigantic Duck and Her Ducklings Watch as a Small Boy Lifts His Puppy So It Can Drink From a Water Fountain in the Front Yard of a House on Huntington Circle in Worcester, MA

Fish Fountain Charlotte NC G
Special Thanks to Colby Carter For Allowing Me to Post His Photo of One of the Three Giant Water-Spurting Fishes That Are Part of the Spectacular Fountain on The Green Located at 435 South Tryon Street in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina

Lionhead fountain Belmont (5).JPG
A Close-Up of a Faux Stone Lionhead Fountain Found in the Front Yard of a Private Home on Belmont Street in Worcester, MA

Baby Elephant Meolas D.JPG
A Baby Elephant Enjoys a Bath in a Fountain at Meola’s Wayside Ice Cream Stand at West Boylston, MA