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Atlantic Sparkler Hampton Beach 2F
This 1500 Pound Black Granite Sculpture of a Fish Entitled “Atlantic Sparkler” by Thomas Berger Was Installed at Hampton Beach in 2011 (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on September 27,  2015)



A Trio of Gigantic Cement Seahorses Seen Standing Back to Back to Back at the Garden Center at Klem’s Tractor Supply in Spencer, MA

A Sand Sculpture Featuring A Pair of Porpoises and a Gigantic Seahorse Sculpted During the 2018 Master Sand Sculpting Competition Held at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire

A Sand Sculpture of a Fierce Female Warrior Slaying a Sea Serpent With a Sword Seen at This Year’s Master Sand Sculpting Classic at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire

A Large Fish Sculpted From Black Granite Displayed on the Boardwalk at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire

A Hungry Giant Wooden Lobster Prepares to Devour a Huge Hamburger and a Clam Shell Pizza in Front of Jena’s LobsterQuest Family Restaurant & Fish Market Located on Route 16 in Ossipee, NH

A Dolphin Duo Carefully Carry a Porcelain Pitcher and Basin Upon Their Backs in a Front Yard Garden on Birch Street in Worcester, MA

A Small Dog With the Word “WELCOME” Hanging by a Piece of Rope From His Mouth and a Smiling Fisherman Holding a Lobster in Each Hand Spotted Together on the Porch of a Cottage on Highland Street in Hampton, NH

A Great White Shark Menaces Passersby From the Roof of the Now Closed T.J.’s Fish Fry on Depot Street in Bennington, VT

Fish and turtle Sand sculpture Hampton Beach A.JPG
A Sea Turtle. a Seahorse, and Two Fish Surround a Sign Sculpted From Sand Announcing the 16th Annual Master Sand Sculpting Classic Held Last June at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire