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A Stone Bust of 19th Century American Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Found in the Courtyard Garden of the Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA (Which Was Immortalized in His Book of Poetry “Tales of the Wayside Inn”)


Egyptian Pharoah
An Ancient Statue Carved From Limestone of the Mysterious Egyptian Figure Hapidefai (Whose Significance Is Lost to History) Found on Display at the Worcester Art Museum

Saint Francis
A Small Bird Alights on the Rim of a Large Bird’s Nest Held by Saint Francis of Assisi in the Courtyard of St. John’s Catholic Church on Temple Street in Worcester, MA

Sigmund Freud 3
A Bronze Statue of Sigmund Freud Found on the Campus of Clark University in Worcester, MA

A Ceramic Bust of the King (Elvis Presley) Sits High on a Shelf in the Back of That’s Entertainment Pop Culture Emporium on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

A Close-Up of the Bronze Memorial to Legendary Local Department Store Owner Anthony “Spay” Borgatti Recently Erected at Lakeway Commons in Shrewsbury, MA

Baby heads crompton collective
Three Plaster Planters (Two in the Shape of Baby Heads and the Other the Head of William Shakespeare) Found For Sale at the Crompton Collective in Worcester, MA