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A Lion, a Lamb, and an Angel (With Half of Her Face Missing) Gather Together at a Grave in Pine Grove Cemetery in Spencer, MA (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on November 8,  2014) (more…)

lamb munyun cemetery (2)
A Stone Carving of a Lamb Seen on Top of an Infant’s Gravestone at Munyan Cemetery in Putnam, CT

lamb 5 n elba cemetery.JPG
A Stone Carving of a Lamb Splotched With Lichen Found on Top of a Child’s Gravestone at North Elba Cemetery in North Elba, NY

lamb maplewood cemetery 2A
A Kneeling Lamb Carved on Top of the Granite Gravestone of an Infant at Maplewood Cemetery in Norwich, CT

A Weathered Statue of a Lamb With a Bell Round Its Neck Seen Beside a Grave at St. John Cemetery in Plainfield, CT

A Weather-Corroded Sculpture of a Lamb Found Carved on Top of a Child’s Tombstone at West Thompson Cemetery in West Thompson, CT

Angel Lion Lamb Hillside Auburn 2
An Angel, a Lion, and a Little Lamb Gather in Front of a Gravestone at Hillside Cemetery in Auburn, MA

Three Little Lambs Gather Upon the Top of a Gravestone of a Young Child From the Mid-19th Century at Grove Street Cemetery in Putnam, CT

Lamb tombstone Sacred Heart 2.JPG
The Depiction of a Lamb on the Top of a Tombstone (Such as This One Found at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Webster, MA) Traditionally Indicates the Grave of a Child

A Child-Like Angel Seen Hugging a Lost Little Lamb Near a Grave at Pine Grove Cemetery in Spencer, MA