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A Young Boy in a Straw Hat and His Pet Dog Take a Nap Against a Wooden Log in the Front Yard of a Home on Gates Lane in Worcester, MA


One of Two Twin Doberman Pinschers Which Flank the Front Entrance of the Northeast K-9 Academy Located on Mill Street in Dudley, MA

An Unusual Dog Head Planter Available For Purchase at the Crompton Collective in Worcester, MA

An Odd-Looking Terrier With Her Puppies Found at Conway Village Cemetery in Conway, NH

A Floppy-Eared Hound Attempts to Palm a Small Basketball While Waiting to Be Purchased at Jungle Jim’s Garden Center in West Boylston, MA

Chinese Stone Dog WAM
An Ancient Chinese Stone Carving of a Dog Seen on Display at the Worcester, MA

A Bulldog Seen Protecting the Backyard of a Home on Reed Street in Worcester, MA