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A Sweet Little Angel Pets a Stuffed Toy Puppy Dog With a Black Ring Around His Right Eye at Barnes Memorial Cemetery in West Brookfield, MA

A Winged Gargoyle With a Face Like a Bulldog Guards the Front Yard of a Home on West Main Street in West Brookfield, MA

A Mastiff, With Gold Bling Wrapped Around His Neck, Seen Sitting in the Front Yard of a Home on Suburban Road in Worcester, MA

A Dog With Long Floppy Ears Grips a Basket of Fruit in His Teeth as He Sits on the Back Stoop of a House on High Street in Southbridge, MA

A Small Dog With the Word “WELCOME” Hanging by a Piece of Rope From His Mouth and a Smiling Fisherman Holding a Lobster in Each Hand Spotted Together on the Porch of a Cottage on Highland Street in Hampton, NH

An Adorable Dalmatian Puppy Sniffs a Dandelion Plant at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Southbridge, MA

Cocker Spaniel Walmart
A Couple of Cocker Spaniel Statues Spotted for Sale in the Garden Center at Walmart in West Boylston, MA