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An Embarrassed Ewe and Her Lamb Try to Ignore a Pair of Affectionate Bunny Rabbits in the Front Yard of a Home on Chatham Street in Worcester, MA (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on November 29, 2015)

A Statue of a Guardian Angel Watching Over the Nativity Found Next to a Grave at St. Roche’s Cemetery in Oxford, MA (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on December 15, 2015)

Yankee Peddlar Sheep
A Rather Photogenic Ram Poses (With Cattle and a Pumpkin in the Background) in Front of the Sturbridge Yankee Pedlar on Main Street in Sturbridge, MA  (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on January 8,  2014)

Weatherworn Statue Saint Mary Norwich A.JPG
A Weatherworn Statue of a Young Woman Feeding a Lamb Spotted at St. Mary Cemetery in Norwich, CT

A Charging Ram Hood Ornament Found on an Old Dodge Truck at an Antique Truck Show Held at the Bolton Fairgrounds in Lancaster, MA

A Weathered Statue of a Lamb With a Bell Round Its Neck Seen Beside a Grave at St. John Cemetery in Plainfield, CT

A Chrome Plated Rams Head Serves as the Hood Ornament on Most Dodge Ram Trucks Including This One Seen at an Antique Truck Show Held Last Year at the Bolton Fairgrounds in Lancaster, MA

Angel Lion Lamb Hillside Auburn 2
An Angel, a Lion, and a Little Lamb Gather in Front of a Gravestone at Hillside Cemetery in Auburn, MA

Three Little Lambs Gather Upon the Top of a Gravestone of a Young Child From the Mid-19th Century at Grove Street Cemetery in Putnam, CT

A Child-Like Angel Seen Hugging a Lost Little Lamb Near a Grave at Pine Grove Cemetery in Spencer, MA