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A Wee Fairy Gently Holds a Delicate Butterfly in the Palms of Her Hands at Mount Zion Cemetery in Webster, MA


A Curious Angel Marvels at the Delicate Butterfly Fluttering on the Tips of Her Fingers at Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, MA

A Butterfly (Traditionally Symbolizing Resurrection as Well as the Soul Rising From the Body) With the Motto “Love Is Immortality” Carved on a Contemporary Granite Headstone Found at the Woodstock Hill Burial Ground in Woodstock, CT

Fairy rural cemetery 2B.JPG
A Poor Weather-Ravaged Fairy With Just One Good Eye Takes Refuge Between a Chunk of Granite and the Base of a Gravestone at Rural Cemetery on Grove Street in Worcester, MA

Dog and Moose Lowes.JPG
A Puppy With a Bone and a Small Moose Wait Patiently to Be Purchased on the Shelves of Lowe’s Home Improvement Located at Lincoln Plaza in Worcester, MA

Bird & Cherub Hillside Auburn.JPG
A Little Bird and a Cute Cherub With a Butterfly Share Space on Top of a Tombstone at Hillside Cemetery in Auburn, MA

Fairy & butterfly Notre Dame 2
A Fairy Admires the Delicate Wings of a Butterfly That Landed on the Back of Her Hand in Notre Dame Cemetery